Aluminium Worm Gearbox
Providing you the best range of Aluminium Worm Gearbox, Aluminium Worm Decrease Gearbox, Double Output Aluminium Worm Gearbox and Aluminium Worm Equipment Velocity Reducer with effective & timely delivery.
Aluminium Worm Gearbox
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Aluminium Worm Gearbox
Rs 3,000 / UnitGet Latest Price
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Unit
Brand Kisco
Material Aluminium
Gearing Arrangement Type Worm
Size 30mm to 150mm
Usage/Application Industrial
Mounting Foot, Flange
Features :
Aluminum alloy die-cast gearbox.
Compact structure saves mounting space.
Highly accurate.
Runs forward and backward.
High overload Capacity.
Stable transmission with minimal vibration and noise.
Aluminium Worm Reduction Gearbox
Rs 3,000 / UnitGet Latest Price
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Unit
Packaging Type Corrugated Box
Brand Kisco
Material Aluminium
Gearing Arrangement Type Worm
Size 30mm to 150mm
Usage/Application Industrial
Mounting Flange, Foot
Aluminium Pressure Die cast Housing with Tin Bronze Worm wheel and Case Hardened and Thread Profile grounded Worm Shafts.
Aluminium Gearboxes feature hollow bore outputs (completely in one side to other).
We also provide optional single and dual output shafts, result flanges, tourque hands, and output covers.
Dual Output Aluminium Worm Gearbox
Rs 4,500 / UnitGet Latest Price
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Unit
Brand Kisco
Material Aluminium
Gearing Arrangement Type Worm
Size 30mm to 150mm
Usage/Application Industrial
Mounting Foot, Flange
We manufacture Double Result Worm Reduction Gearbox in Aluminium Die Cast Body. This Gearbox’s can be found in different sizes with/without Result Flange in various ratios. – Die Cast Aluminium Body – Thread profile grounded worm shafts and hobbed phosphor bronze tires.
Aluminium Worm Gear Swiftness Reducer
Rs 3,000 / UnitGet Latest Price
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Unit
Gear Type Worm
Shape Box
Material Aluminium
Brand Kisco
Usage/Application Industrial
Details :
Housing and Flanges both are created out of aluminium alloy.
Worm shafts are made of metal and Case Hardened to 58-60 HRC and Thread profile grounded.
Worm Wheel is of Tin-Bronze.
Maintainance free reducer.
Multiple installation holes for all angle mounts.
For conveyors, packaging devices, rotary tables etc.
Worm Reduction Gearbox Light weight aluminum Body
In EP Series of worm gear models is manufactured with die-casting aluminum casing from size 40 up to 90
Ever-Power manufactures 5 versions in EX series Worm Gear Quickness Reducers. Each model is available in configurations to fit your specific application.
Features & Specification
Compact, light-weight all light weight aluminum style resists rust and corrosion.
High tensile strength bronze wheel.
Hardened and ground essential worm and shaft.
Dual lip oil seals protect from oil leakage and prevent dirt from entering.
Shipped oil loaded and prepared to use.
Universal mounting with installation holes on top, bottom and sides. No bolt on base required.
Single Reduction Ratio From 7.5:1 To 100:1
Models :- 40mm, 50mm, 63mm, 75mm, 90mm, 110mm, 150mm
Products Range
• Size : 30= Size-150
• Model : BLW 25 = BLW 150
• Reduction : 7.5 to 100
• Mounting : Foot / Flange /
• Available Solid with insight shaft
• Output solid shaft on request
• Manufactured from high-quality aluminiumally, light in weight and non -rusting.
• Large in output torque
• Clean in running and lower in noise, can function very long time in dreadful conditions
• High in radiating efficiency
• Good-looking in appearance, durable insereice existence and small in quantity.
• Ideal for omnibearing installation
Ever-Power is engaged in offering the very best quality Aluminium Body Worm Gearbox to the customers. The use of the most recent technology in production power transmission products makes us an explicit commercial forerunner in China. Our state of the art production methods ensure best quality products which are highly efficient and durable.
This mechanical speed variator machinery is made to be mounted in a number of directions except the motor pointing up. Its effective design to improve drive direction to 90-degree helps it be even more effective. Features like easy to mount and low maintenance make it is a preferable choice for manufacturing industries. The simple to handle light weight aluminum worm gearbox is made in a simple structure which can be used with electric motors for output rate reduction, large torque and good capability of enduring overload. This gearbox is usually an ideal remedy for working two loads from one motor and extremely serves the objective of running machinery like conveyors, rotary desk, and packaging machinery.
At Ever-Power, we constantly appearance towards making our products highly durable and therefore cost-effective. Our massive production device helps us to produce the best quality products within a limited time period helping us serve our clients better.
Aluminium Worm Gearboxes
We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter and our setup is situated in Pune, China. We are engaged with offering a changed scope of propel Light weight aluminum Worm Gearbox. This worm gearbox is definitely utilized for robotized control transmitting in numerous car ventures. This item is usually fabricated through the use of high review material and complex advancement to render most extreme customer fulfillment. If item is definitely tried on numerous quality parameters for transportation a blame unfenced. Furthermore, this Aluminum Worm Gearbox could be profited at showcase generating costs.
Highlights :
Culminate wrap up
Less and simple upkeep
Durable structure
High protection from erosion
Your body embraces aluminum bite the dust cast and the case receives progressed cubic structure. THE MERCHANDISE claims favorable circumstances of good appearance, little volume, snappy emanating, adaptable mounting. The worm clothing and the worm shaft is embraced abridgement process and exact match checking,insure the steady transmitting, low temperature, low commotion level, high proficiency and life. The information and yield parts is usually adop the treatment of exact soft, safeguard no corroded. increment the amount and its life.
Worm gears and shafts are extensively found in packing, material handling equipments, food processing devices, conveyor systems industries. We also expand our servitude to defence, marine, aluminium, moveable bridge, petrochemical, strip processing, sponge iron, powder market, turbine plant life, earth moving industry, etc.
Worm drives are used because a tuning system for most musical instruments, including double-basses, guitars, and mandolins. The gears are usually manufactured from aluminium, cast iron, plastic, steel, other metals like brass, copper, powdered metal and wooden.
worm drives are generally applied to small battery operated electrical motors to supply an output result with a lesser angular velocity than that of the motor. This motor-worm-gear drive program is often used in toys and other little electrical devices.
Worm drive can also be run backwards that results in the result shaft turning considerably faster than the insight. This may be noticeable in hand-cranked centrifuges and the wind governor in a musical container. This is a rare phenomenal utilization.
Worm Reduction Gearboxes
PROGEARSIVE’s Aluminium Series Worm equipment reducer can be a new-generation of product produced by our firm. It represents currently the most advanced answer to market requirements in conditions of efficiency and flexibility.
Main Characteristics
Produced up of High-quality aluminium alloy which guarantees optimum reliability, strength, light in weight and non-rusting.
Easy in running and low in noise can function very long time in dreadful conditions
Looks good to look at, durable operating life and little in volume.
High in radiating efficiency
Range available
Size : 30, 40, 50, 63, 75, 90, 110, 130
Ratio : 7.5:1 to 100:1
Output Flange : FA, FB, FC, FD
Single / Double Output shaft
Double Reduction
Design Features
Housing: Die cast Aluminium alloy from Body size 30 to Size 90 and Cast Iron from 110 to 130.
Worm Shaft: Made up of alloy steel and so are case hardened and thread profile floor.
Worm Wheel: Phosphorous Bronze (PB 2) outer band with G20 Cast iron hub in middle.
To guarantee long life ball bearings and tapper roller bearing in larger sizes are used.
Double lip oil seals guard against oil leakage and prevent dirt from entering
The thread grinding in the apparatus ratios that the module permits is definitely completed with Z-I profile. This boosts the contact between the toothed surfaces and for that reason it increase functionality and reduces working noise.
Salient Features
Aluminum devices are supplied complete with synthetic oil so they will be ready to use.
Housing comes with universal mounting positions.
Single reduction ratios available from 7.5:1 to 100:1
Double Reduction attachment can be available
Housing painted with Grey color
Plastic Industry
Food Processing
Bottling Plants
Amusement Industry
Pharmaceutical industry
Many more…
Today’s modular designed aluminium wormbox available in a huge selection of sizes and ratios for reliable price effective solutions. The machine uses a patented modular light-weight aluminium equipment case, which combines rigidity with strength to ensure an extended reliable working life.
Range 0.6kW – 15kW
Dimensionally interchangeable with the market leaders
Versatile mounting
Excellent mechanical strength whilst being especially lightweight
Accepts standard IEC motors