Material Dealing with Power UNIT one
Common Description
This power unit is created to the fork lift business, consisting of extremely efficient gear pump, DC motor, guide raise and decrease valve, tank, ect. The up and down motion are controlled through the lever from the guide release valve, which is outfitted with an electric switch to activate the motor. The lowing speed is controlled from the stress compensated movement manage valve.
Exclusive Notes
one. The duty of this electrical power unit is S3, i.e. 30 seconds on and 270 senconds off.
2. Clean all of the hydraulic parts concerned in advance of installation of the power unit.
3. Viscosity with the hydraulic oil shoud be 15~46 cst, which should really also be clean and free of charge of impurities, N46 hydraulic oil is encouraged .
4. Oil transforming is needed right after the first one hundred operation hrs, afterwards after each 3000 hours.
5. The electrical power unit shown is designed to be mounted horizontally.

Materials Handling Energy UNIT two
Common Description
This power unit options electrical power up gravity down circuit. Activate the get started solenoid to start the motor to lift the machine. The lowing motion is activated through the solenoid valve together with the lowering velocity managed by the strain compensated movement management valve. Goods of this series is usually extensively used in the industry of logistic products like fork lift, mini lift table, etc.
Distinctive Notes
1. The duty of this power unit is S3,i.e.,30 seconds on and 270 senconds off.
two. Clean every one of the hydraulic elements concerned prior to mounting the energy unit.
three. Viscosity from the hydraulic oil shoud be 15~46 cst,which need to also be clean and totally free of impurities, N46 hydraulic oil is advisable .
4. Oil altering is required just after the original 100 operation hours,afterwards when each 3000 hours.
five. The energy unit really should be mounted horizontally.